Grow Bangladesh Ltd is a registered company of Httpool (Facebook Sales Partner)

অভিনন্দন! আপনার এড একাউন্ট সফলভাবে প্রদান করা হয়েছে।

The client has to follow the below guidelines to improve the account quality so that the ad account doesn’t get disabled. Must have rules to follow:

1. Many Clients promote multiple pages in a single ad account, which is under policy violence (can’t use umbrella account).

2. High rate of ads being rejected from a single ad account.

3. Creatives quality – creative/copy that showing the product clearly and not write vague text etc

4. Page name, page profile photo, product/service and landing page not in sync. (Facebook mark as spam ads)

5. Incomplete ad copy or caption- not giving enough details about the product, pricing, features and delivery details.

6. Negative feedback coming from the users who are seeing these ads.

7. If an ad account gets disabled in one country, it will also get disabled in any other country if the same associated page is connected to any new ad account in any country. Facebook tracks policy violations both on Page-level & Ad account level

Ad Disapproval

Ad Account Restriction

Disabled Business Manager / User / Page

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Payment Procedure


Name: Grow Bangladesh
A/C No.1502938751001  O.R.Nizam Road Branch, Chattogram

Bkash Payment (Merchant)

017233233898 (Grow Bangladesh)